Zenwalk Linux 7.2 Wants to Be a Really Fast OS

The latest version of Zenwalk Linux can be downloaded from Softpedia

Jean-Philippe Guillemin has announced on October 12, that the final version Zenwalk Linux distribution, 7.2, is now available for download.

The fifth release candidate for Zenwalk 7.2 was released almost two months ago, but the developer has chosen not to delay the launch anymore.

“After several months of rescheduling we think it's time to let this new jet fly. Zenwalk 7.2 is loyal to its design, providing one application per task, everything needed to work, play, code, create, in a single 700MB ISO image, through a 10 minutes automatic install process on any recent computer,” stated Guillemin.

Zenwalk aims to be a really fast distribution and this is done through many optimization levels, starting with the kernel and ending with the applications and the desktop itself.

The delay of the distribution was necessary in order to achieve 100% Slackware Linux compatibility, while keeping the optimizations that were introduced during the last years of development.

Highlights of Zenwalk Linux 7.2:

• The operating system is based on XFCE 4.10 / GTK 2.24.10/3.4.4 team;

• It features a unique look and feel and perfect ergonomic integration of the application set;

• Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 15.0.1;

• Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to version 15.0.1;

• Gimp was updated to version 2.8.2;

• The Netpkg package manager has been improved with multiple mirrors support and better performance;

• Problems with sparse or compressed files, and with filesystems that store tiny files within the metadata have been fixed.

A complete list of new features and changes can be found in the official announcement.

Zenwalk’s developer also took the time to “thank once again Patrick Volkerding, (the creator of the only remaining true Linux system) for his great vision, work of art, and friendly relationship each time we ask him questions.”

Download Zenwalk Linux 7.2 right now from Softpedia.

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