Zalman Delivers a Pair of 80Plus Silver PSUs

Even though the consumer base is mostly focused on the new announcements made by AMD and NVIDIA, there are still hardware makers, like Zalman, that decided to change the tune somewhat.

For those interested in a reminder or an update, NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices have basically been competing in terms of product updates.

On the one hand, AMD gave updates on its server chips and Fusion accelerated processing units (APUs), the Zacate and Ontario having already started shipping.

NVIDIA, on the other hand, brought forth the GeForce GTX 580, its latest video board and the currently strongest DirectX 11-capable card on the market.

Knowing that new enthusiast-grade video boards always need a fair bit of power, Zalman prepared a couple of new, high-output power supplies.

The two PSUs in question are known as ZM850-HP Plus and ZM1000-HP Plus, their wattages being, as their names imply, of 850W and 1000W, respectively.

Both of them employ a modular design, which means that end-users will be able to put in only the cables they require.

This should ensure that cables don't clutter inside the chassis, improving internal airflow and convenience at the same time.

They also boast an active PFC and sleeved cables, as well as four 12V rails and a 140mm fan, which chills the dual-heatpipe internal heatsink responsible with heat management.

A final significant asset that Zalman's new duo of PSUs proudly displays is the 80Plus Silver certification, earned thanks to their energy efficiency of up to 87 percent.

The ZM1000-HP Plus is, naturally, the more expensive of the two, with a price tag of $269.99, whereas the ZM850-HP Plus will sell for $209.99. An exact availability date was not specified, but it should not be long before they reach stores.

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