Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler Officially Launched

As one of the better known players in the cooling industry, Zalman has to constantly update its product lineup, and it seems that its most recent CPU cooler has shown its face, displaying quite the unique design.

The CPU market is one that is responsible for the existence and continued growth of another market, that of cooling products.

Of course, cases, graphics cards and memory products also get their own cooling solutions, but it is still CPUs that somehow get landed with the greatest myriad of possible models.

Of course, all central processing units ship with a default, reference cooling device, but that doesn't mean consumers won't swap it for a better one.

There are multiple reasons why customers would choose to do this, such as lower temperatures, less noise, lower power draw or all these at once.

That said, Zalman has issued a press release in which it presented the CNPS11X Extreme, capable of handling even the hottest chips out there.

For those that want numbers, the newcomer is capable of chilling chips with TDP (thermal design power) of up to 350W.

The most striking thing about it is no doubt the V-shaped dual heatsink design, which optimizes airflow and is unlike anything other manufacturers are known to use. The Composite Heatpipe technology also enhances heat transfer rate by 1.5 times.

Meanwhile, the heat from the heatsink is dispersed by the ultra quiet Blue LED PWM fan, whose diameter is of 120mm and which can spin at up to 1,950 RPM.

Finally, the entire product, save the fan of course, is plated in what the release dubs black-pearl nickel (the base materials are copper and aluminum).

Availability is set for April, at which point both Intel CPUs as well as chips form Advanced Micro Devices should be in a position to benefit from its services.


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