Z9-Plus and Z9-Plus DIII, the New Mainstream Cases from Zalman

They aren't the cheapest cases out there but they aren't overly expensive either

By on December 6th, 2012 14:42 GMT

Zalman might cause a lot of conflicting feelings with its two new cases, or at least the one equipped with a fan controller.

The looks of the Z9-Plus and Z9-Plus DIII are pretty tame, but the latter has a fan controller whose bisected front design (half white half black) might cause a few groans.

The case will sell depending on how well buyers manage to get past that.

At any rate, the newcomers are ATX mid-tower enclosures made of SECC steel and ABS plastic, which is why they weigh 7.2 kilos each (15.87 pounds).

Three 5.25-inch bays are available (one exposed), along with five 3.5-inch bays, two 2.5-inch bays (mostly tool-free) and cutouts for cable routing.

The Z9-Plus DIII is priced at $60 / 46-60 Euro, while the Z9-Plus bears a tag of $50 / 38.27-50 Euro.

Zalman Z9-Plus and Z9-Plus DIII (4 Images)

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