Z77 Gaming Motherboards Released by MSI

There are four models expected to stay on sale well into 2014

Since Intel will release its Haswell collection of central processing units (CPUs) this June, motherboard makers are preparing mainboard lineups ready to accept them. Some were previewed as early as CeBIT 2013.

Micro-Star International is one of the companies that revealed its Z77 Gaming series at CeBIT 2013, in March.

Since then, the company claims to have received “overwhelming positive reviews from gamers and media.”

Technically, when mainboards pack as many features as these four, there isn't really much of a chance for reviews to be unfavorable, unless the products end up priced a mile above the competition.

Since MSI, like all other companies still in the game, has enough marketing acumen to avoid such a blunder, it was natural for its high-end hardware to be received well.

The Z77 Gaming series is made of four motherboards, or will be whenever shipments start, assuming they haven't already.

In order of quality and price, they are named Z77A-GD65, Z77A-G45, Z77A-G43, and B75A-G43.

They all have four memory slots, a bunch of SATA III ports, and Sound Blaster Cards, the OC Genie II overclocking technology, MSI Military Class III components, and the Killer 2200 network card, which prioritizes games over everything else when distributing network bandwidth.

“I've been a professional gamer for 10 years, representing Team Fnatic since 2006. We partnered with MSI to develop the best gaming hardware for gamers, the most recent project being the MSI Z77 GAMING Series,” said Patrik “cArn” Sättermon, chief gaming officer, Team Fnatic.

“The MSI Z77 GAMING motherboard has all the tools that a gamer could possibly wish for. All I have to do now is JUST GAME!”

MSI hopes that customers will also buy its graphics cards in order to build “awe-inspiring PC builds.” Of course, the platforms will work just fine with video cards from other brands, but one can hope.


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