YourAnonNews and Peoples Liberation Front Twitter Accounts Hacked (Updated)

The Rustle League appears to be behind the hijacking

The hacker group known as the Rustle League appears to have taken over two major hacktivist Twitter accounts: @PLF2012, which is the official account of the Peoples Liberation Front, and @YourAnonNews, the biggest Anonymous-supporting news network. 

The hackers say that they’re “plunging” the direct messages of the PLF account, which is controlled by the notorious hacker Commander X. They claim they’ll publish some of the DMs on the RustleWO account later today.

“This just in, Commander X is more crooked than you think - find out later on ------> @RustleWO,” the Rustle League tweeted.

This is not the first time when the Rustle League takes over a major Anonymous Twitter account. Back in February, they hijacked the @Anon_Central account.

Update. The YourAnonNews account appears to have been recovered. However, the account's owner hasn't made any statements regarding the incident. All the tweets posted by the Rustle League have been removed.

The @PLF2012 account is still controlled by the Rustle League.

According to @CuchulainAnon, the hackers took over one account, the one of PLF, but the tweets appeared on YourAnonNews as well because the two were linked via GroupTweet.

Update 2. The Daily Dot provides some important clarifications regarding the incident.

YourAnonNews is a group account. Approved members can post tweets on it from their own accounts by using the #YAN hashtag. There are said to be over a dozen authorized members, so if one of their accounts is compromised, the YourAnonNews account becomes compromised.

YourAnonNews administrator Jackal Anon was the one who restored the Twitter account a couple of hours ago.

“YAN is fixed now back to bed,” he wrote from his personal account.

In the meantime, the PLF account is still controlled by Rustle League. They've changed its name to @PLF1940.

The hackers have also clarified that they will not be leaking PLF direct messages because they could cause too much damage.


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