Your Say: Windows Blue Won’t Save Microsoft

Readers believe that a new Windows version can’t stop Microsoft’s decline

Microsoft is reportedly working on a brand new version of Windows called “Blue” that would hit the market sometimes this year and would be offered with a very low price tag or even for free.

Even though that sounds like very good news for all disappointed Windows 8 users who wish to receive a major update as soon as possible, many of our readers believe that Windows Blue won’t save Microsoft, as the company is already heading in the wrong direction.

[admark=1]“I place my bets right now & say that 'Blue' will end up where W8 is right now. If M$ had any sense, they would make 'Blue' for tablets ONLY, including its silly gimmicks, like ‘touch,’ 'Start Screen,’ ‘Metro’ etc. They should make a separate version for desktop, leaving the gimmicks above as optional downloads for users,” one of our readers said.

With Windows 8 remaining such a controversial product, most consumers prefer to stick to Windows 7, the number one operating system in the world right now according to Net Applications data.

Unsurprisingly, users believe that Steve Ballmer is the only one to blame for the new direction of the company, as most recently-released products are more or less failing to excite.

“From the looks of it and bad executive decisions that MS is doing. It's like they want to ruin the company on purpose. Or they have fire some top execs that are only concerned on improving their resumes and paychecks,” another reader stated.

“What makes Windows 8 so difficult to use?” you may ask. Some users say it’s the lack of a Start button, so in case Windows Blue won’t bring the old feature back, it may have the same fate as Windows 8.

“No Start button = No Go for desktop users. It is as simple as that Ballmer,” one reader concluded.

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