Your Say: Windows 8 Is Confusing, It Needs a Start Button

More and more readers claim that Microsoft must bring back the Start button

Windows 8 is generally considered a confusing operating system, mostly because of the GUI changes rolled out by Microsoft, but also due to the lack of a Start button.

More and more of our readers actually share this view on Microsoft’s latest Windows flavor, saying that the Redmond-based technology company does more harm than good with the changes it brings to the Windows platform.

“For Microsoft to be successful in pushing customers from earlier versions of windows they have to restore the start button. That is what is causing more confusion to the inexperienced Windows users,” Sam, one of the Softpedia readers, said.

Reports coming from the Redmond campus claim that Steve Ballmer himself is disappointed with Windows 8 when it comes to early sales figures, but he blames the PC industry for the lack of Windows 8 devices.

Of course, official sales stats are yet to be disclosed, but analysts have also pointed out that Microsoft’s latest software is very likely to record a fairly slow start. Windows 8 is expected to take off in 2013, as the PC industry it relies on is also forecasted to record a significant boost.

But it’s all because of a wrong approach, some of you think. Here’s what user dmbeard says:

“Hey Microsoft, has it occurred to you that maybe the reason for the poor sales is not the OEM's. Maybe it's because you totally missed the boat on Windows 8. You need to keep something in mind, any Windows OS is good because we as customers say it is. NOT because you deem it to be. Stop telling us what we want and start listening to us telling you!!!”

As for the lack of a Start Menu and a Start button, our readers clearly believe that Microsoft should bring both of them back as soon as possible. Otherwise, Windows 7 is going to remain the top choice for a long time.

“MS should enable Start Menu without disabling the start screen or Windows 8 is just going to fail. Or should I say already failed?” wrote xyzuser.

Unsurprisingly, CEO Steve Ballmer has already said that he has absolutely no intention to bring back the Start button. The reason is as simple as it could be: you already have an entire “Start Screen” that plays the same role as the Start button.

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