Your Say: Ballmer Must Leave as Soon as Possible

Microsoft urgently needs a new leader, our readers believe

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer may be forced to retire a bit earlier in case Windows 8 doesn’t manage to boost sales in the near future, some analysts have hinted, and according to our users, such a change would really come in handy for the Redmond-based technology company.

Even though Ballmer previously said that he wants to remain a Microsoft CEO until 2017 or 2018, the board may oust him a lot sooner, just because the company has started losing ground under his management.

Most of our users agree that letting Ballmer go may really help Microsoft and revamp its business.

“Definitely, Steve Ballmer should be fired many years ago. Microsoft will become history if he is still running the company,” one of our readers said. “Rid of him.. he is not good ceo as windows 8 was shamble... so shove him out,” another added.

Users’ top choices for the CEO role? Bill Gates and Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss that reportedly left Microsoft because of growing tension between him and Ballmer.

“Yes, leave. But, crawl to Sinofsky and ask him to get back,” a reader explained. “The MS CEO should have been given to Steve Sinofsky of windows OS fame (no wonder he left too he probably cannot stand Ballmer either),” another comment reads.

There’s no doubt that Ballmer has managed to do quite a lot of great things while holding the Microsoft CEO role, but most readers believe that Windows 8 is the living proof that the Redmond-based company needs an upper management shuffle.

“Windows 8 is a totally schizoid OS that is neither one thing nor another, any experienced IT admins can see windows 8 is another MS dog and wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Let’s see what windows 9 or 10 brings?” one of the users continued.

Does Ballmer really need to retire? As always, feel free to tell us what you think using the comment box after the jump.

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