Your Facebook News Feed Will Now Show Posts from Pages You're Not Following

The posts you will see contain information about topics you've liked

Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm again and you’re now getting even more information on your page.

You may not exactly like the new additions, but thanks to this new change, Facebook is pushing posts from Pages you’re not even following. However, the move isn’t meant to be invasive.

Instead, your News Feed will now contain Page messages where individuals you’re already following on your own are tagged.

If that sounds a bit complicated, Facebook gives a pretty easy example. For instance, a post by the Bleacher Report will appear to fans of Dwight Howard if a certain post has him tagged.

This isn’t exactly a new feature for Facebook, since this is already happening with updates from friends, but this is the first time it expands to Pages. Currently, if someone tags you in a picture, your friends may see that photo, even if they’re not direct buddies with the individual who tagged you.

That’s the same theory applied with the new changes, seeking to bring you more information while not flooding you with things you have no interest in.

“We look at many factors to make sure the most relevant stories appear in News Feed, including which posts are getting the most engagement (such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks) across all Facebook. We also consider which posts are getting the most engagement from people who like both the page that posted and the Page that tagged,” Facebook’s Andrew Song, product manager, writes in a blog post.

Of course, this new move from the world’s favorite social network could also mean that connected Pages may end up getting more views and likes, thus increasing engagement levels.

This is the type of Page posts Facebook will deliver to your News Feed
This is the type of Page posts Facebook will deliver to your News Feed

The company has already been testing the feature for a while now, although this is the first time it makes any official reference to it. During the testing period, Facebook discovered that people liked seeing this type of content in their News Feeds, giving these stories high scores in surveys.

The latest change is part of a string of modifications that Facebook is making to its algorithm as it seeks to reach a balance between providing relevant content from Pages and friends.

Recently, it has implemented another change affecting the posts that end up on your Feed from Pages, cutting down on how many memes you get to see and pushing forward posts that include pictures or links over those that only contain text.


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