Young Indian Hacker Claims to Have Created Windows Phone 8 Malware

The prototype is capable of stealing all sorts of information

16-year-old Shantanu Gawde, a researcher part of the Indian National Security Database program, claims to have developed information-stealing malware that works on Windows Phone 8.

The expert will present his creation at the upcoming MalCon 2012 security conference.

According to the abstract of Gawde’s presentation, the prototype will “demonstrate approaches and techniques for infecting the Windows Phone.”

The Trojan he developed is capable of stealing contact details and other private information, upload pictures, and even gain access to messages.

Sophos’ Paul Roberts reports that Microsoft is aware of Gawde’s upcoming presentation, but the researcher hasn’t shared any details with them yet.

On the other hand, The Hacker News informs that the prototype will be made available to security firms after the security conference.

At MalCon 2011, Gawde presented malware that leveraged Microsoft’s Kinect.

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