YouTube Will Stream the Olympics Live on 10 HD Channels

But the streams will only be available in some countries in Asia and Africa

The Olympics are coming. London will host this year's competitions. With so many sports and so many athletes from so many countries, the interest in the event is very high.

Of course, many of the races and competitions will be broadcasted by local televisions, it will be almost impossible to miss the biggest sports and the biggest athletes.

But with a competition so large, not everything will be covered. Which is why it's great that YouTube has struck a deal with the International Olympic Committee to stream many of the events on the site live.

"Millions of Olympic fans from across 64 territories in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa will have a chance to watch the games live from London," YouTube wrote.

"In total, the IOC’s YouTube Channel will offer fans in these countries over 2,200 hours of high-definition sporting event coverage from London 2012, including all the medal finals," YouTube explained.

YouTube will stream the full events only in a few countries, free of charge, where the IOC hasn't sold broadcast rights. Unfortunately for most of the world, that's not the case so you'll only get historic footage, teasers and probably highlights during the event.

Still, that still leaves a lot of places where the streams will be available. And sports fans are in for a treat. There will be 10 concurrent live streams from the event, streaming HD content from 9am to 11pm London time. There's also a non-stop news channel with the highlights and important events of the day.

"For those not in these particular countries, you can already watch historic clips from past Games on the IOC channel and teasers from London on the London 2012 YouTube Channel. Hopefully, these will hold you over until the triumphant entrance of the athletes at the Opening Ceremony on July 27," YouTube added.

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