YouTube User Pointed Finger at Finland Shooter 6 Months Ago

Police and other users ignored the warning

June was the month when "TheAmazingAtheist", by his username, made a video rant in his garage entitled "Columbine Killers, Mental Midgets & Social Darwinism" that pointed to Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the Finnish High-School shooter as being a social threat and suggested that somebody report him to the authorities.

Although it generated a lot of hype and a lot of responses, nobody bothered to actually do something in the direction of following up on the rant and doing some research although a link to his profile was provided. About 7 minutes into the video mentioned above, TheAmazingAtheist says that "[W]hen someone starts talking about how they admire [Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold], you have to wonder if they might not be potential dangers and I think they should be investigated as potential dangers. Not go to jail of course, but I think that those people are the kind of people you want to keep your eye on."

"We are always talking about warning signs. Well if you want to talk about warning signs, there they are [pointing off screen to a list of URLs of YouTube profiles, including Auvinen's old profile NaturalSelector89]. I hope they get a lot of attention. I'm not the kind of person who would report these profiles to the FBI or to a law enforcement agency. And I don't think most of them should be, but there are a few that would warrant some kind of investigation."

Auvinen should have received that attention as he killed 7 children and an adult with a 22 caliber handgun the day before yesterday while crying out for "revolution" on the corridors of his High School. He himself posted a video on YouTube that depicted his intent of going on his killing spree that finally culminated with his suicide. The video, like all those from his profile, has been removed by YouTube shortly after the unfortunate event. But what's really scary is that he had no less than 332 subscribers and almost 200000 channel views.

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