YouTube Updates Interface

Quiet update rolled out by the video sharing service

YouTube has just made a new update to its interface, implementing a few minor changes to the clip page appearance. Although the online video sharing service didn't make any official announcement, users who accessed YouTube today were able to see the new interface which seems to be a permanent update since it's still available at the time of writing this article.

As you can see if you click on a YouTube page, the product now provides tabs which are supposed to allow users browse easier among the service's options. For instance, clicking on the "Statistics & Info" tab shows you the sites linking to a video, the honors for the clip as well as the number of comments and links. Also, clicking on the Commentary tab lets you read all the comments of the clip.

What's interesting is that YouTube has implement multiple sharing options, allowing you to share a certain clip on multiple websites such as Facebook, Digg or MySpace. All you need to do to share the video is to select the "Share" tab and click on one of the provided links. In case you're not logged in, a pop-up window will be opened so don't forget to disable your pop-up blocker in case you want to use this feature.

As I have mentioned, YouTube didn't announce the update but, Hunter Walk, YouTube product manager, posted a comment on a TechCrunch article, presenting the new updates.

"One additional note about the new sharing changes - they are now also contextual to the logged in user, so for example, if you use Digg a lot but not Facebook, Digg will be elevated to a persistent top-level display instead of Facebook. There are some other small changes around the site but I'll let you and the users find them or just wait for our post on the YouTube blog," Hunter Walk wrote.

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