YouTube Serves 1 Billion Videos per Day

Trumping previous estimates

There's little doubt that YouTube is a huge success when it comes to user numbers as the video site handily dominates the market in all aspects. But, on the day that YouTube celebrates its third year under Google, a little boasting perhaps is appropriate. And when you've got more than one billion views every day you've earned at least some bragging rights.

“Three years ago today, Steve and I stood out in front of our offices and jokingly crowned ourselves the burger kings of media. We'd just made headlines by joining with Google in our shared goal of organizing the world's information (in our case, video) and making it easily and quickly accessible to anyone, anywhere. Today, I'm proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. This is great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you,” Chad Hurley, YouTube's CEO and cofounder, wrote.

One billion page views per day works out at 11,574 views every second and a million every minute and a half. Of course, YouTube is saying it's actually well over the one billion mark already so who knows how much traffic it's actually seeing. In any case, it's an impressive feat one than only a handful of websites can manage today.

Google is generally pretty shy about releasing traffic numbers and other such stats and YouTube is no exception but this time it's letting this one slip. The interesting part is that previous estimates from comScore put YouTube at about 10 billion per month, a pretty big undercount even if the comScore numbers are just for the US, which accounts for roughly half of YouTube's traffic. But there may be another reason behind the revealing as Google has been on somewhat of a mission lately to convince the world that YouTube is doing much better than everyone else is thinking and that it should become profitable any day now.

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