YouTube Removed Homosexual Content

Homosexual clip deleted from the page

Google's YouTube, the online video sharing service that allows users to upload, share and comment clips with other members, removed a controversial clip that caused a lot of trouble for the parent company. The video displaying homosexual indoctrination of elementary school children was deleted from YouTube without an official reason, LifeSite reports. The clip was actually showing some teachers trying to explain the students that homosexuality is something normal and no discrimination is needed. However, the clip made in 1996 was removed from the page, being replaced with the well known "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Women's Educational Media" notification.

"The film, "It's Elementary", was made in 1996 by Women's Educational Media, a San Francisco-based group that claims the film "has served as a catalyst for schools all over the world to become more proactive in addressing anti-gay prejudice in the classroom." The videos were cached on the website of Mass Resistance, a pro-family lobbying organization," the same source reports.

However, the domain is extremely important as a simple removal of a single clip can cause important problems for the search giant. As you know, it is very easy to accuse a company for discrimination, the deletion of a homosexual video being an important reason for a complaint. Even if the clip was removed, I think Google will manage to avoid possible problems as the movie is also available on multiple locations on the Internet.

In the past, Google had similar problems only once when the company was accused of removing AdSense from one of the most famous gay communities. However, Google sustained the website prohibited its guidelines although the page was continuously requiring the search giant to republish the adverts.

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