YouTube Or...?

No powerful alternative yet

YouTube was acquired by Google in October 2006 for $1.6 billion, the company aiming to make the product the most powerful online video sharing solution on the Internet. Now, since it is the leader but without competitors, YouTube will remain quite the same solution without important improvements. I guess all of you admit the competition is good for most of the companies because it promoted better products and performance. Now, YouTube is the only and the best online video sharing service because no other solution managed to attract so many users. When it was acquired by Google, YouTube was fighting with Metacafe but it became more powerful just after the transaction. Although there were several rumors sustaining Metacafe will be bought by Yahoo, YouTube is still the leader and you know it.

Recently, numerous companies announced that YouTube will be dethroned soon because they are preparing similar solutions able to lure the same category of users. Among others, GodTube was the first product that was released, aiming to attract Christians and offer them Church related content. YouTube replied with a bishop channel that will steal the same category of members so the Google product is still the leader.

Today, a new solution was announced, ScrewTube representing a website that will allow users to publish the content prohibited by the Google product. By default, the service will be somehow similar with PornoTube, a page that host pornographic and mature content. Although the solution will be released soon, I don't believe it will manage to dethrone YouTube because it aims to lure a different category of users.

So, it's not quite useful: YouTube doesn't have a powerful rival because the competition is good especially for us, the users. More products are attracting more alternatives that will cause an improved performance from most of the companies.

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