YouTube No Longer Working for Some Internet Explorer 11 Users

The video sharing service seems to be working fine on other browsers, users complain

Microsoft recently launched Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 users, thus trying to provide adopters of the world’s number one operating system with the chance to experience its latest browser.

It turns out, however, that some are actually having problems with the new version, as a number of services do not seem to work in Internet Explorer 11.

Users who turned to Microsoft’s Community forums complain that YouTube fails to load and sometimes freezes all of a sudden, although the video sharing service appears to be working just fine on Chrome and Firefox.

“I am also facing same problem, after installing Internet Explorer 11, as I open YouTube it hangs for some seconds and then everything is fine. But I had no difficulty with other video sites such as Daily Motion,” one user who experiences the same issue on his computer reported.

Microsoft is yet to release a comment on this problem, but some other users have already found a workaround that temporarily addresses the problem until the company provides a patch.

Every time you go to YouTube, you need to press F12 and launch the developer tools, go to the “Emulation” tab and from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen select “9” for the “Document mode” option. Minimize developer tools and go back to YouTube, xGarthx suggested.

Internet Explorer 11 is at this point the default browser in Windows 8.1 and is also offered as an optional download to Windows 7 users.

Microsoft claims that IE11 is actually one of the best browsers on the market, saying that it’s the perfect option for those who are trying to view rich content, including videos posted on YouTube.

Of course, this is clearly an unexpected issue, so expect the company to address it as soon as possible.

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