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Should you want to sing along

Have you ever been at a party and right when your favorite song comes on, somebody next to you starts singing the lyrics wrong, loud and completely aphonous? That must be unnerving, and many, many can testify that it is one of the moments you just feel like going berserk. Here's a quick tip for everybody who's found himself or herself in that position: the next day, send a message to the 'singer' containing this Firefox script that has the lyrics to most of YouTube's music videos, along with a joke about people who should not be allowed to sing. Ever.

YouTube's got it all, and ever since the record labels have become partners with the world's biggest video sharing site, most of the songs are available, along with the official videos. The one thing missing and dragging hard are lyrics, but this script makes it all happen, blending everything in.

When used, the Greasemonkey script creates a container titled "Lyrics" below the clip's description and shows the lyrics when expanded. There's a 'must' involved, though, the title of the video must contain the artist and the name of the track, but that should be only natural. If the script does not find the lyrics of a song, simply change the site providing, and Ionut Alex. Chitu, who brought this forth, suggests for the job.

The next time you're all alone and feel like a superstar, jump out of the shower with your spray for a mike and work this script with YouTube. You're definitely going to have your repertoire increase exponentially after using it a few times. Plus you'll get to be the center of attention at the next karaoke party your company throws. Unless you'll be booed down from the stage due to lack of vocal abilities, you'll be a smashing hit.

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