YouTube Founders Create Chinese Vine Clone

Vine has only now landed on Android, but the clone has been around for a couple of months

By on June 7th, 2013 20:11 GMT

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen created YouTube. They don't really have to prove anything else and they're too rich to if they did. But they haven't retired to a life of tropical islands and Formula 1 teams, not yet.

Instead, they're trying to re-revolutionize video on the web though their creations don't really seem to suggest a revolution. First came a Chatroulette-inspired video chat service that didn't actually go anywhere.

Now comes an outright clone of Vine, Twitter's video service that just landed on Android. Wan-Pai is pretty much the Chinese version of Vine, except for the part where it's built by Twitter.

Not only is the service centered around six-second videos, even the interface is the same. Users have to touch the screen to capture video and lift their finger to pause the recording.

There are a couple of "innovations," users can add filters to the videos and opt to have them loop backwards. It's also salmon instead of green.

The app has actually been around for a couple months, but only now caught the attention of the Western tech press.