YouTube Fighting Against Japanese Whaling

Several clips published on the video sharing services

The Australian authorities which are trying to stop Japan from whaling in the Antarctic turned to YouTube in a desperate move to convince the world that such a move might kill several species of these creatures. Australia's Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull published a clip on YouTube to convince the Japanese officials that they must stop their attempts to capture the whales. Reuters reported that Japan wants to hunt 50 humpback whales and 935 minke whales for scientific research in the upcoming summer while the Australian government doesn't agree with these plans.

"Can you imagine what life on Earth would be like without these magnificent creatures? Hundreds of years of whaling have nearly wiped them out," the Australian official said in a video posted on YouTube according to Reuters. "We urge all countries, especially our friends in Japan, to bring their whaling programs to an end."

The Australian government also created a special YouTube channel which would support their initiative to convince the Japanese authorities to stop whaling, most of the clips published on it recording thousands of views.

YouTube has always been one of the most useful ways to make yourself heard on the web as the Google video sharing service records an impressive audience every day. What's most important is that these vids manage to boost YouTube traffic and, every time a new organization decides to start a campaign on this technology, it automatically brings profit for Google.

YouTube was acquired by Google in October 2006 when the Mountain View company paid no less than $1.65 billion for the video sharing service which was supposed to become the leader of its category. YouTube reached its goal and won the first position of the video sharing top and its audience is continuously increaseed by millions of users visiting the official page every day.

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