YouTube Debuts Pay-per-View Option for Live Streams

You'll be seeing even more types of videos on the site soon

YouTube may seem a bit out of focus lately, as it tries to do everything from movie rentals to news reporting, but that's actually the strategy. YouTube wants to be everything to everyone when it comes to online video.

It's taking another step towards that with the introduction of more live streaming options and the possibility of monetizing a live stream, either with ads or via a pay-per-view model.

One new feature available to YouTube partners is Wirecast for YouTube Live, an app that enables them to manage their live streams. They can use multiple video and audio sources, add effects and overlays, or images and videos between the live segments.

It should prove rather useful especially to smaller publishers who may not have access to professional software or much experience with live streaming. Partners that are allowed to do live streams will be able to download the software as well.

Another new option is the ability to view live stats and check out how many people are watching your stream, where they're coming from and so on.

Finally, partners will be able to get paid for their live streams. They can go the classic route and include ads or even ask people to pay for access to the stream.

"You can now monetize your live events with advertising or paid options. A live event can be claimed in the new video manager like any other video and monetized with instream ads or paid options where you can set price by country," YouTube explained.

Live streaming is not available to everyone yet, even though the feature debuted a year ago. YouTube is rolling out the feature to more people in time, but it's asking for patience as it sharpens the rough edges and gets ready to welcome more users.

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