YouTube Clip Showing P. Diddy Buying Drugs?

No, according to his lawyer

A new video posted on the popular video sharing platform YouTube revealed that the famous rapper P. Diddy might have bought drugs from a man in an Ibiza club. GIGWISE reported that the rapper was seen in the DC 10 club located in Ibiza Island where he might have bought some pills from a blond-haired man also appearing in the clip. Although I can't see anything incriminatory in the clip posted on YouTube, the comments accused the rapper of buying the drugs, causing a new trouble for him.

"What's he doing with the dude with the blonde hair??? Looks like he was getting a couple of pills off him!!!" a comment posted on Google's YouTube reads.

As the same source reports, P. Diddy's lawyer sustained the rapper didn't buy any pills, denying all the rumors saying he took drugs from the blond-haired man. "Any suggestion he is buying drugs would be patently false. He does not use drugs," the lawyer said according to GIGWISE.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that P. Diddy turned to the same video sharing service YouTube in order to find a new secretary. "You know I'm the best and I like working with the best," he described himself at that time.

However, this is another proof that YouTube tends to become a real video encyclopedia storing millions of clips recorded by the ordinary users. Recently, Beyonce was also one of the most popular YouTube stars after the clips showing her exposed chest during a live concern attracted a huge audience on the Google video product. Also, Miss South Carolina Teen USA managed to boost the YouTube traffic after her at-least-funny answer was published on the official page of the product. As it was revealed by numerous studies, the homemade videos recorded by ordinary users attract the biggest number of YouTube videos.

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