YouTube Accused for Sexual Harassment Of Korean Women

Several clips posted on Google's online video sharing service

Google's online video sharing service is again brought into trouble because several clips were flagged as insulting by numerous Korean users. Some of the videos are recorded at the Seoul Metro no. 4, showing several persons laughing and singing insulting songs. According to Digital Chosunilbo, the clips were posted by a user nicknamed "jon88aconda", some of Koreans believing that it might be an American person who visited Seoul.

"In a video entitled "Seoul subway ride to the club," four or five foreigners in their 20 and 30s are laughing and singing out loud on Seoul Metro no. 4. The lyrics of the song include curses and language graphically describing a sexual act. Another video "Seoul Hooters" includes a scene of a foreigner sexually harassing a Korean waitress. In another called "Ron walking the streets of Seoul," a passerby is beaten up on the street," the publication reported.

According to Digital Chosunilbo, the videos were accessible for about a month but the online video sharing service removed them this weekend.

This is not the first time when YouTube might be forced to accept the cricitism due to several videos published on its official page. In the past, the things evolved even worse because YouTube was entirely banned in several countries after some insulting clips were uploaded by the users. For example, Turkey was one of the first countries that blocked Google's video service for all the residents because some unauthorized vids were available on the YouTube platform. The ban was removed once YouTube deleted the clips.

The Thai case attracted all the Internet's attention because the online video sharing service refused to remove some of the clips as they didn't infringe any of the product's guidelines. After several weeks of unavailability, YouTube finally removed the clips and became accessible from Thailand.

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