You'll Wink at Google Glass to Take a Photo

Google has several types of gesture lined up including head movements and two-finger zoom

Google Glass is a very interesting device, but that doesn't make it a good one or something that people will want to buy or use after they bought it.

There are several major problems to overcome with a device so revolutionary and, while it looks like Google has some of the basics covered, there are still questions.

One of the big questions when Google Glass came out was how will users interact with it. Over time, we found out that Glass supports voice commands, that seems to be the preferred method of input, and also has a small touchpad.

But the big reason why voice commands haven't caught on in anything, despite the technology being available for years, besides the fact that they didn't use to work very well, is that people don't want to look stupid and talking to yourself out loud in public certainly falls in that category.

Fortunately, Glass supports more input options than just voice commands. It seems that Glass will also support gestures, such as winking to take a photo or using two fingers to zoom in.

Again, winking for no apparent reason and for longer than usual to trigger the photo is probably going to be weird as well, in certain situations. The same goes for moving your fingers through the air. But at least Google is experimenting with all alternatives.

Reddit user fodawim peeked inside Google Glass' companion app and found mentions to the winking, the two-finger zoom but also to head gestures and other eye gestures.

Google likely experimented with even more control schemes and will continue to do so even after it starts selling the device.

With something so new, Google has to try anything and has to be able to make radical changes quickly. It will take a while before the "right" way of doing things will surface.

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