You Should Not Eat Caviar for Christmas, and Here Is Why

Green group the World Wildlife Fund warns that sturgeons risk going extinct

Green group the World Wildlife Fund is now asking that people refrain from sinking their teeth into caviar this holiday season.

The organization is not worried about the fact that this delicacy packs quite a lot of calories and folks could therefore end up looking less like themselves and more like Santa.

On the contrary, what concerns these greenheads is the fact that sturgeons are endangered and risk going extinct in the not so distant future unless people quit eating their eggs.

In a blogpost shared with the public earlier today, the organization explains that, although sturgeon fishing is strictly controlled in many countries around the world, illegal fishing and trading activities involving this species are yet to be put an end to.

“Caviar should be crossed off Christmas gift lists whenever possible to give highly endangered sturgeon a chance to recover in the wild. Sturgeon worldwide are teetering on the brink of extinction because of the persistent trade in their valuable caviar,” the World Wildlife Fund writes on its website.

“Although legal fishing is strictly regulated in most countries, illegal fishing and trade continue. Caviar is considered a delicacy and is one of the world’s most expensive wildlife products,” it adds.

The organization asks that people help protect this species by choosing not to eat caviar this holiday season.

Those who feel like they absolutely cannot give up this delicacy should opt for caviar sold in cans or jars sealed by a non-reusable CITES label. This label indicates that the caviar comes from sustainable sources.

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