You Can Now Export all Your Google Docs Documents in Any Formats with 'Takeout'

'Liberating' your documents and files has never been easier

Google Docs is now part of Google Takeout, the tool designed to make it easy for users to export their Google data, from various products, in one fell swoop.

It's been easy to export Docs files in a variety of formats, but having them a part of Google Takeout makes it even easier and more convenient to get as much data out of Google as you want, from one location, the purpose of Takeout in the first place.

"It’s been easy to liberate your Google Docs in lots of different formats for awhile now -- ODT, PDF, RTF, Text, Word, HTML -- you name it. Starting today, you can export them along with everything else on the Google Takeout menu," Google wrote.

"Choose to download all of the Docs that you own through Takeout in any of the formats mentioned above," it said.

"We’re making it more convenient for you to retrieve your information however you want -- you can even Takeout just your docs if you'd like. Lastly, be sure to click on the new 'Configure' menu if you'd like to choose different formats for your documents," it explained.

Exporting documents out of Google Docs hasn't been a problem, you can save any document you create on your computer in a number of formats. Any files you upload to Google Docs can be easily downloaded back.

What's more, you can even select several files or documents at a time to export them. Clearly, data portability wasn't a problem for Google Docs.

What is new is that all of this is integrated into Google Takeout. It's now easy to get all of your documents and all of your files with a few clicks along with other Google data. What's more, you can even select the format you want for documents.

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