You Can Now Ask Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Anything, Good Luck Getting an Answer Though

Facebook is replacing the old and inefficient voting system

Late last year, Facebook voted to abolish voting on the site. As expected, only a small number of people voted so Facebook's plan, to do away with the voting process which has proven inefficient to say the least, was put in motion.

At the time, Facebook promised that even if the vote was going away, it was going to put something better in place, namely, the ability to contact Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer with any questions you may have.

"As Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer of Policy, I’m responsible for working with our teams at Facebook to be sure that we build our products with your privacy in mind," Erin Egan, Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer of Policy, wrote.

"We also work hard to communicate with you – through our Data Use Policy, our Help Center, and in our products – about how we use your information and how you can control this use," she wrote.

"To help continue this conversation, we created this Ask Our CPO feature, which will enable you to send us your questions, concerns, and feedback about privacy -- and give us the opportunity to share with you how we think about privacy," she added.

The feature is now live, in Facebook app form, so if you have a burning question that you need answered, now is your chance.

Not that there's any guarantee that you'll get an answer. With one billion active users, it's pretty obvious that one person can't deal with them all, especially known how "vocal" Facebook users can be.

Certainly, judging by some of the first questions answered, unless your curiosities are utterly banal and obvious, or the answer makes Facebook look good, you won't be getting a public answer any time soon. You're welcome to try though.

That said, it is very likely that you will get an answer or directed towards a place where you can find it or get help by some of the Facebook minions which will be sifting through the questions posed via the app.

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