Yoko Ono Blames Paul McCartney for Beatles “Divorce”

John Lennon’s widow lays the blame at McCartney’s doorstep in recently unearthed interview

It’s been many years that Yoko On has been getting all the blame for breaking up the Beatles by urging John Lennon to go solo but, as a recently unearthed interview reveals, she always considered Paul McCartney responsible.

Dated sometime in the ‘80s, the interview sees Ono explain how the Beatles were already falling apart when she came in the picture.

McCartney was the only one who insisted that they stay together, but it wasn’t for the reason you’d expect.

“The Beatles were getting very independent. Each one of them [was] getting independent. John, in fact, was not the first who wanted to leave the Beatles. [We saw] Ringo [Starr] one night with Maureen [Starkey Tigrett], and he came to John and me and said he wanted to leave,” Ono said, as cited by The Examiner.

“George [Harrison] was next, and then John. Paul [McCartney] was the only one trying to hold the Beatles together. But the other three thought Paul would hold the Beatles together as his band. They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like,” she added.

Her comments were instantly picked up by the mainstream media, opening again the debate on what broke up one of the greatest musical acts of all times.

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