Yet Another HP Executive Leaves the Company

Richard Kerris leaves his post to look for other opportunities

Amidst the continued uncertainty as to what direction HP is headed in, yet another executive has left the ranks of the company, not long after the Chief Strategy and Technology Office did the same.

It is reported that HP's VP of worldwide developer relations has decided to leave and look for employment opportunities elsewhere.

This means that the large IT corporation is going through the second such episode of the past several days.

After all, not long ago, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Shane Robinson left HP, marking the first big management change under new CEO Meg Whitman.

“Richard Kerris, vice president, Worldwide Developer Relations for webOS, has decided to leave HP to pursue an opportunity outside of the company, effective immediately,” HP said, according to webOSroundup.

“We are grateful for his service and contributions he has made to HP and the webOS community.”

Kerris didn't serve with HP for overly long, having only assumed the position there in February, this year (2011).

Then again, since he was supposed to lead the webOS development side of the business, and with all webOS projects sacked, there really wasn't any other recourse.

For those who aren't aware of the most recent events in this segment of the worldwide IT industry, it might help to read about how the last of the webOS stores closed only a little over a week ago.

Following this announcement, HP will be laying off more of the workers of its webOS division, though this is really a process that started some time back.

The one positive thing about the entire webOS debacle is that HP is, at least, continuing to support the owners of those few tablets and phones that did sell.

The TouchPad is still getting webOS updates, at least, though it is unclear for how long that will continue.

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