Yemen Customs Authority Hacked, User Details Leaked

Several other websites have also been hacked by JokerCracker

The hacker known as JokerCracker has breached the official website of Yemen’s Customs Authority (, leaking the details of hundreds of users.

The leaked information comprises password hashes, usernames, email addresses and IP addresses, but not all the records are complete.

JokerCracker claims to have hacked the site because it represented a personal challenge.

The hacker has breached a large number of websites over the past several days, including the Indian National Institute of Technology (, the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research ( and the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

From the systems of the National University of Bangladesh, the hacker leaked the usernames, email addresses, passwords and other details of some 15,000 users.

In each of these cases, JokerCracker claimed that he did it because it was a challenge.

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