Yann Frisch: Magician's Sleight-of-Hand Trick Goes Viral

You will not be able to tell how this French illusionist moves his props

I came across this amazing video of a French magician displaying his sleight of hand in an act that involves as little as 3 balls and 2 cups.

Illusionist Yann Frisch specializes in what he likes to call "Baltass," which just means he uses balls and cups. His act is not over-the-top, he doesn't get back from the dead or crush bottles with his mind, but his performance is quite mind-boggling nonetheless.

This clip, featured by the Blaze and MSN, has gone viral with more than 1.4 million views since the beginning of the month. According to Digital Journal, he spent years perfecting his number.

Frisch appears to be a very talented actor as well, drawing attention from his hand movement with his facial expression and antics. His performance is spotless, and it's seemingly impossible to tell how he moves the props around.

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