Yahoo Asks the Planet Questions from A Giant Purple Brain

The 2006 "Ask the Planet" publicity campaign started in New York on Tuesday

The largest purple brain in the world, a two-story terrarium atop Hard Rock Cafe in Big Apple, is the place where the "planet's questions" will converge, be they live from Times Square or online through The campaign initiated by Yahoo continues the idea launched in December 2005 with the site mentioned above, which has already reached 15 million answers. Ask the Planet debuted with the unveiling of the giant brain and will end with a question from Bono, the U2 leading man.

22 brainiacs, chosen through an online submission process, will work from the giant brain's lobes. In shifts for the next three days, the brainiacs, along with other Yahoo! Answers users around the world, will answer the world's most pressing questions.

"Yahoo! Answers is helping consumers find, use, share, and expand their knowledge and life experience with others online and creating a new way to search for information on the Web," said Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo!. "We want to celebrate the success of Yahoo! Answers with our users around the world by kicking it off with a fun, creative campaign and by giving back to the communities that are contributing to the next generation of search."

Marilyn vos Savant, Donald Trump, Dane Cook, Suze Orman, Isaiah Washington, Arianna Huffington, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, and Bono are the personalities that have announced their participation in the "Ask the Planet 2006" campaign, where they will present personal questions, each in his own field.

Yahoo online users will also be able to answer the celebrities' questions and transform their answers into prizes. Furthermore, Yahoo will make certain donations in the course of the campaign, the largest one, of $50.000 going to the American Museum of Natural History in New York once the "best answers" on Yahoo will reach 50.000.

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