Yahoo: We Finally Did It!

The company made an important step towards the Asian expansion

Yahoo's officials were invited yesterday to a meeting with the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to talk about the innovations offered by the giant portal. The meeting took about an hour, the two officials sustaining they talked about the technology provided by Yahoo and the economical features of the giant portal. According to the Middle East Times, one of the main subjects of the discussion was concerning the recent investments made into the local online market that attracted numerous giant companies. For example, Google announced a few weeks ago that the company aims to open new offices in the country, a move meant to increase the search giant's presence into the Asian market.

"We just want to learn about the prosperous growth of the US economy and the non-stop innovation in this great country. We are a small country so we want to learn what is happening in the outside world so that we can contribute," the Prime Minister sustained after the meeting according to the Middle East Times. "We are pretty delighted the prime minister came to talk to us. He has a keen interest in technology and asked a number of very smart questions about Yahoo and the Internet space," Yahoo vice-president Keith Nelson, added.

According to the report, Yahoo planned the Singapore invasion a long time ago, along with the Chinese expansion that was meant to bring an important boost for the company's profits. However, the first giant that presented its plans for this country was Google, which recently announced some new offices and regional products especially for Singapore. Meanwhile, Yahoo was quite reserved in its Asian attempts because the older moves returned some unexpected results. At that time, Yahoo suffered several departures and even an internal reorganization that was meant to revamp the company's activity.

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