Yahoo Raises Fees for Online Digital Music Service

According to ABC News

We'll leave aside Apple, iTunes and that whole story and talk a little about another big player of the online music market.

Yahoo is announcing an increase of the cost for its digital music subscription service.

The company had started this offering six months ago with a price tag lower than the competition's.

According to ABC News, Yahoo is set to increase costs of its portable subscription service.

This plan allows users to download as many tracks as they want, over a period of one month, and transfer that music to compatible portable devices. According to Yahoo's email sent to subscribers, the fee is likely to double, from the initial $6.99 a month offer to $11.99 as of November 1st.

The unlimited download offer for subscribers commited to stay with Yahoo for at least one year will benefit from a better deal, which allows unlimited downloads for $9.99. Yahoo runs its music business allowing users to download as many tracks as they please, without charging for the individual song downloaded.

In addition to the higher subscription fee, Yahoo will charge subscribers 79 cents per download for the songs they want to keep for usage on a portable device or to burn onto CDs.

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