Yahoo! Mobile Search Integrates GetJar Apps

The finding of applications for mobile phones has just become easier with the new partnership that Yahoo! and GetJar announced, which was aimed at integrating the 75,000+ applications from GetJar's portal into Yahoo! Mobile Search.

Not only would end-users have the possibility to access applications much more easier than before, but developers are also offered the possibility to have their apps exposed to a larger number of consumers.

“The GetJar team is thrilled to share that Yahoo! is now starting test integration of GetJar apps (all 75,000+ of them!) into Yahoo! mobile search queries to make it easier for people to discover the apps they’re looking for when on-the-go,” a recent post on GetJar's blog reads.

“Yahoo! is the first search engine to pursue this kind of integration and we at GetJar couldn’t be happier about making application discovery faster, easier, and simpler, regardless of handset, country, or platform.”

Application developers interested in taking full advantage of Yahoo! mobile searches, but who are not yet on GetJar, are invited to submit their software solutions to GetJar’s Developer’s Zone.

Applications developers who already have their solutions included with the portal should update their apps' meta data with text and descriptions that would facilitate the search engine discovery.

Thus, they would ensure that, when a Yahoo! mobile user makes a certain search, which would include a relevant keyword, Yahoo! Search will trigger the app, and it would appear in the search results.

All the relevant mobile applications from the app store will be showed in Yahoo! mobile search results when mobile phone users make searches on Yahoo!

“For example, if the search term is “Sports”, the Yahoo! mobile search result will display a cluster of GetJar applications that are relevant to the search query “Sports” in addition to the Web results based on relevancy,” the said blog post continues.

“This particular search would yield “Sports Brush”, “Sports News” and “CBS Sports Mobile”. Please be sure to give us feedback or share your opinion once your app has been indexed in Yahoo! mobile search queries.”

For the time being, the deal aims only Yahoo! mobile search queries in the United States, though the two companies plan on expanding it to additional markets next year.

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