Yahoo Messenger Skins Available for Free Download

Together with several other goodies

If you're one of those addicted Yahoo Messenger users, you're probably trying anything possible to make your chatting client look better because it becomes boring to use the same old-fashioned application again and again. In case you never browsed the Yahoo Messenger settings, there is a skin ability which allows you to choose from several themes which change the way your program looks. Actually, they change only the color but let's face it, the basic interface stinks. The Sunnyvale company Yahoo offers several additional skins, all of them available for free download straight from the official page of the instant messenger.

"Add color to your Yahoo! Messenger and IM windows with Messenger skins. Skins are a simple way to personalize the look of Yahoo! Messenger. You can make it look professional with the Classic skin or a little more fun with Indigo or Maverick Blue," Yahoo encourages the users to click on the download button.

Yahoo compressed the files into an archive which requires you to extract the files straight on the drive on which you installed Yahoo Messenger, the rest of the installation process being automatically made.

In addition to the Yahoo Messenger skins you can also download some new IMvironments which improve the chatting experience and bring several elements to the application. For example, most of them come with images, sounds and a different 'Buzz' system.

The installation of new IMvironments is even easier than the one for the skins because the Sunnyvale super giant Yahoo demands you to click on a 'Try it now' button which automatically brings the files into your instant messaging client. So, have a look at this website to find additional IMvironments, choose the one you like and click on the 'Try it now' button.

The latest version of Yahoo Messenger is also available for download on Softpedia.

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