Yahoo Mail's 'Unsubscriber' Gets Rid of Unwanted Email Subscriptions

Unwanted email is a growing problem. Most big email providers do a fairly good job at keeping out the spam, but there is still a lot of junk email hitting our inboxes every day, from forums, newsletters and all sorts of sites we may have used once, but can't even remember when and why.

Most serious websites offer a way for users to unsubscribe to the newsletters or regular emails if they no longer want them.

Many times though, finding out how to unsubscribe can be a real hassle. And sometimes, sites don't offer any way of getting out.

There have been some initiatives to fix this, in an automated way, for example, users would simply select an option in their email client and they are automatically unsubscribed. But these solutions have been slow to develop.

Fortunately, the new Yahoo Mail has one solution that may actually work, the rather self-explanatory Unsubscriber app.

"Unsubscribing from unwanted email is now as easy as moving a message to a folder, with the new Unsubscriber app from OtherInbox," Yahoo wrote.

"To use Unsubscriber, simply click on the Unsubscriber app in the lower left hand side of your Yahoo Mail. Then click to 'Create my Unsubscribe Folder' and an unsubscribe folder will automatically appear in your folder list," it added.

"From there, just drag unwanted emails into that folder and OtherInbox will work to unsubscribe you from those email lists. Even if you can’t be safely unsubscribed, the emails will continue to automatically be moved into the unsubscribe folder so you never have to see those emails again," Yahoo explained.

The app is fairly straight forward and smart, if not overtly original. It tries through various ways to unsubscribe users from the mailing list, so that they'll stop receiving unwanted email.

But if this fails, the app simply moves future emails from the same sender to the dedicated folder and marks them as read, effectively filtering them out of the inbox.

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