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The new Yahoo Mail is not a beta anymore

Yesterday, the entire web was talking about the new Yahoo Mail, (the beta one as we all know it) which was now upgraded to the final product level. Yahoo Mail, the technology that competes with Gmail, comes with several new goodies that are meant to improve the email experience. First of all, the interface is completely updated, offering drag and drop support and better functionality. Then, you have unlimited storage size, a feature that was announced recently and that kept the product in the spotlights for a long period of time. In addition, the Sunnyvale company Yahoo introduced Yahoo Messenger straight into its interface, allowing the users to communicate with their friends without leaving the email service.

But what's most interesting is that Yahoo added a very attractive feature that enables all the residents of the US, Canada, India and Philippines to send messages straight to mobile phones. "With the new Yahoo! Mail, people can send and receive free text messages in their email to and from any mobile phone number in participating markets including the US, Canada, India and the Philippines," John Kremer, Vice President, Yahoo! Mail, proudly announced today.

"It's sure to come in handy for people like me who want to keep in touch with text-crazy friends and family. From my Yahoo! Mail window (and using my comfortably full-sized keyboard), I can type a note to my son, letting him know I'm on my way to his soccer practice, and send it straight to his phone. And he can send a text message right back to my email, letting me know where to meet him. The intuitive, chat-like interface makes it super easy, even if you're a novice at text messaging."

Yahoo said that it will upgrade the product to all the users in the upcoming months so you should wait until the 'beta' tag is removed from your email. For me, it is still a beta so I'm waiting for my turn. Unfortunately, I'm not able to send mobile messages since the product is available only in these countries.

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