Yahoo Mail Removes In-Mail Ads

Finally, no advertisements at the end of the emails

Until now, messages sent from a Yahoo Mail account automatically included a tagline advertisement placed at the end of the email which promoted certain Yahoo services or functions. Lots of people said these ads were extremely annoying while a few others considered them quite useful. Well, the Sunnyvale-based company has decided to remove the advertisements and leave the messages as clean as the users want, Ryan K., Community Manager, Yahoo Mail, announced a few days ago.

This means that Yahoo Mail makes quite an important step in the battle with Gmail, the Google mail service, which is said to be one of the main competitors for Yahoo Mail. As you may know, Gmail is 100 percent clean (without taking into account the related advertisements placed near the message box), meaning that you can send messages to your contacts without any advertisement integrated into the mail content.

"You've almost certainly seen them before, but as of a few days ago you won't be seeing them again. Tagline advertisements (which were inserted at the end of email messages) were comprised of short messages for a variety of products, but are now comprised of nothing!", Ryan K. announced on the official Yahoo Mail Blog.

As expected, most users were pleased by the announcement and welcomed the removal of the tagline advertisements included in their Yahoo Mail messages. Here are a few reactions of the users posted on the Yahoo Mail blog post:

"Fantastic! Those tagline ads were so annoying. Good move Yahoo! Keep it coming." - Tripp

"I am so happy that they are gone and Yahoo joined G..L to get rid of those annoying tag lines. Thank you so much." - Kia

"Wow, Y!Mail just keeps getting better and better! Congrats to the Y!Mail team." - netster007x

"This was the only thing holding Yahoo back from being as good as Gmail. Well, forgetting the fact that there isn't POP access, of course." - Seth


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