Yahoo Mail Has Over 50 Themes to Choose From

Yahoo continues to push its brand new Mail and is trying to entice those that haven't switched yet with more customization options, specifically, more themes to enable users to make Yahoo Mail their own.

"We’ve been listening to your feedback since the initial launch of Yahoo! Mail a few months back. One of the features you’ve asked for is a greater variety of themes," Yahoo wrote.

"So, a bunch of Yahoos around the world answered the call and we’re pleased to let you know that today we have more than 50," it announced.

Yahoo Mail debuted with several themes, simple color ones as well as more graphically rich ones. Since many people spend a lot of time in their email clients, even if Yahoo Mail is not exactly the tool of choice of power users, being able to make it look more like the way you want to is important.

What's more, seeing the same interface day in and day out can get annoying, so if you're looking for a change, having a wide choice comes in handy.

Yahoo offers quite a big variety of looks of its messaging products, for example, the Yahoo Messenger client comes with a number of themes to suit as many tastes as possible.

"The additions include more colors as well as tons of image-based themes. Whether you’re a nature-lover, star-gazer, art aficionado, or simply a pattern-person, you’ll find something that fits your interest or mood," Yahoo explained.

Last time Yahoo talked about this, the new Yahoo Mail had 50 million users only a few weeks after launch. The fact that it was heavily promoted had a lot to do with this and the fact that users couldn't go back to the old interface, helped, but it's still a notable landmark.

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