Yahoo Mail Debuts Brand New Image Viewer

New way to view pictures in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has introduced a brand new image viewer in the "All-New Yahoo Mail" service, allowing you to open and save pictures received in your inbox easier than anytime before. From now on, all the photos attached to emails sent to Yahoo Mail accounts could be previewed straight in the message using automatically generated thumbnails. Moreover, in case you want to save the photos on the computer, you can easily do so by using the newly-introduced "Download All" function. Until now, users who wanted to download the pictures had to click only one item at once, which could take some time in case of numerous files.

In addition to the "Download All" feature, Yahoo has also implemented special selection boxes placed near every image which lets you select the desired pictures and "Download Selected". Supposing you don't want to download the attached images and you simply want to view them, you can click on any picture included in the message. However, the "View Slideshow" function creates a slideshow with the attached photos and displays them at a certain interval.

This improvement makes Yahoo Mail one of the easiest ways to transfer and organize photos by email, given the fact that the service also provides unlimited storage for its users. However, note that you're only allowed to attach a maximum of 50 files with sizes of up to 10 MB in a message. This feature is expanded in Yahoo Mail Plus, the paid version of Yahoo Mail, which lets you transfer files of up to 20 MB.

As far as most users are concerned, this is the best Yahoo Mail improvement in the latest few months and even if most consumers still require POP3 support, such a feature could calm them down for a while.


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