Yahoo Mail Beta Gets Themes and Multiple Attachment Uploads

The Yahoo Mail Beta is getting an update and adding a bunch of new features and tweaks. One of the biggest updates, considering Yahoo Mail's core audience, are the new colorful themes. Users will also be able to access Calendar and Notepad straight from Mail again. Finally, social updates get their own dedicated tab.

"To those of you who have been using our Yahoo! Mail Beta product: thank you. Your feedback on the Suggestions Board and on this blog has kept us busy fixing, building, and improving the experience," Yahoo said in a blog post.

"Thanks to your participation, we are launching a new batch of features that will go live this week for Yahoo! Mail Beta users around the world," it announced.

One of the 'features' that many people missed is the possibility to customize the look of Yahoo Mail. If the standard issue Yahoo purple is not your thing, you can go for a more serious blue or green or go all out with the hot pink theme.

"We heard you loud and clear: you miss our colorful, fun themes! Our team buckled down in December to build and release a gallery of themes for you to choose from. Go to the Help drop-down menu at the top left of the page, select Themes and check out our gallery," Yahoo added.

Those that need more than just plain email will welcome the addition of Calendar and Notepad links in the Applications section, in the lower left corner. Yahoo says that both Calendar and Notepad will eventually be updated with the look and feel of the new Yahoo Mail.

Also new in Yahoo Mail Beta is the possibility to attach multiple files in one go. Select all of the files you want in the file browser and Yahoo Mail Beta will upload them all.

For those using Yahoo Mail to keep in touch with what their friends are up to, there is now a dedicated Updates tab which makes it easy to focus on Twitter and Facebook updates and all the friend activity tracked by Yahoo Updates.

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