Yahoo Is Working on Another Flickr Redesign – Report

It's been less than a year, but Yahoo wants a new Flickr again

Yahoo is reportedly working on yet another Flickr redesign, much to everyone’s exasperation.

It was less than a year ago that Flickr was getting a big redesign that Marissa Mayer was thrilled with, following some changes to its mobile platforms.

“I think Flickr is awesome again with these new announcements,” she boasted last May, as she was introducing the new changes. She went as far as to say that Flickr was stagnating, but the redesign made it awesome again, bringing it center stage once more.

Despite her excitement, it was quickly clear that the community was not too thrilled about the alterations, saying that it was making the site run slow, while the design was entirely too busy for their liking.

Of course, Yahoo disregarded most of these comments, saying that it was not that out of the ordinary for some users to complain, since not everyone was a fan of big changes. Instead, it hoped that the 1TB of free space would just compensate for everything else.

Re/code reports now that Yahoo is finally listening to its users when it comes to Flickr’s redesign, or at least making a new change. What do the changes cover? Well, photo sharing is getting a front-row seat, while the Yahoo tool bar that can be found at the top of the page is getting the boot.

The new redesign is also nixing the text present on the page, keeping things to a minimum so that photographs are the clear stars of the design.

There’s been rumors lately that Flickr was not cutting it anymore for Yahoo and that Marissa Mayer was looking to fix things. She even hired Bernardo Hernandez from Google to make the site profitable again.

The fact that Flickr isn’t really making that much money anymore isn’t that surprising, considering the fact that the company introduced 1TB of free space for everyone, while the $49.99 per year will only weed out advertisements from the pages, which, in reality is not really worth it, especially when you can easily install a tool such as AdBlock.

Flickr’s popularity has also suffered, at least according to App Annie rankings, losing some 30 spots in just a few months.

It remains to be seen whether Yahoo will go through with the new changes or it will keep this still new design that it invested so much money in. If Mayer gives the green light, there’s still the question of whether another redesign will manage to make Flickr nice again or it will just scare away the rest of the users.

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