Yahoo Integrates Facebook Chat with Mobile Web Messenger

More than a year ago, Yahoo announced that it will be integrating Facebook into many of its products. It kept to its promise and has integrated Facebook features, such as likes, friends' lists and even chat into the products it made sense, from the homepage to the new Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Messenger also benefited from the integration, in the form of Facebook Chat which is available via the desktop client and from a couple of other places.

Now, Yahoo is expanding Facebook Chat support in the web version of Yahoo Messenger, interestingly enough not the regular desktop one, but the mobile version of the website.

"Yes, we have added Mobile Web Messenger to the list! In the last couple of months, we have enabled Facebook Chat integration in SMS Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger App for Android, and now, Mobile Web Messenger," Yahoo's Juliana Santarelli announced.

"Our goal is to make it easy for you to send and receive messages from your Facebook friends while you’re on the go, no matter which mobile device you’re using," she added.

If you've linked your Facebook and Yahoo accounts, you should be able to sign into Facebook straight from the site. Otherwise, you first have to link the two accounts, you'll see a notification of the integration on the site and you'll be able to follow that link to sign into Facebook and authorize Yahoo to access the platform.

"The chat experience will be similar to what you are used to except that now you will be able to initiate conversations with your Facebook friends as well," Yahoo explained.

Once you've logged into both accounts, you'll see two different tabs for the two types of friends. Singing in and out of Facebook chat is independent of the regular Yahoo Messenger login, so you'll be able to choose to be available only for your Yahoo contacts if you wish.

Already, Yahoo has integrated Messenger with Facebook chat in the desktop app. On the mobile front, Facebook chat is integrated in the Android mobile app and it's also available via SMS.

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