Yahoo Finally Brings Back Mail Tabs

Yahoo has brought back tabs after users complained over New Mail changes

Yahoo is finally listening to users everywhere and has returned the beloved tab view in the new Mail version.

Back when the new Yahoo Mail was rolled out, the feature vanished, leaving many users annoyed that they had to do a lot more work to go back and forth between the various messages they had in their inbox.

Well, from now on, by pressing the View button on the top right corner right above the Inbox, users will be able to see a new menu section – Multitasking. From there, they can switch from “Recent View” to “Tabs.”

While the feature might be back, it’s not exactly the same thing it was before. Yahoo tried to make opening a large number of emails at once a lot easier to handle. So, now, when you have a bunch of tabs opened, an arrow will appear at the end of the row.

From there, you can choose “Preview All,” which transforms the entire screen into what Yahoo calls “boss mode.” Basically, your tabs will be set in separate icons, similarly to a browser speed-dial, offering a preview of your emails.

This feature can easily be accessed by hitting the “Esc” key, which will send your screen directly into this special preview mode.

The company has been trying to get back into the good graces of Yahoo Mail users after the new system wasn’t that well received. People actually went as far as to create a petition asking Marissa Mayer to give users back the old version that may not have been a looker, but it worked perfectly.

The slew of issues that the service encountered in the months that passed since the change haven’t really helped either.

Either way, users at least have a choice now when it comes to switching back and forth between the “Recent view” interface and the tabbed one.

The feature is currently being rolled out, so not all users have access to this at the moment, as the company says that it will take a few more days.

How to activate the new Tabs feature
How to activate the new Tabs feature

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