Yahoo! Answers Now Mobile

Mobile phone users can now enjoy more on their handsets when on the road, as Yahoo! just announced that Yahoo! Answers went mobile.

Basically, this move should offer mobile phone users the possibility to find various answers while not in front of their desktop PCs at home.

There are a lot of things that one would enjoy with the new, mobile version of Yahoo! Answers, including the possibility to ask for answers, keep track of what others are asking, and more.

"Have you ever wondered, 'If only I had an easier way to find answers for my questions when I’m out and about.' Now, the wait is officially over," the Yahoo! Answers Team notes in a recent blog post.

"We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve created a brand new mobile site and it’s ready for you to use. Everything you love about Yahoo! Answers is now available on-the-go."

The mobile-optimized version of Yahoo! Answers should be accessible from almost all mobile phones that can connect to the Internet.

However, the Yahoo! Answers Team notes in the said blog post that new devices, including iPhone, Android and the latest Blackberry smartphones, would be able to offer a better experience when accessing the mobile site.

Some of the main features that Yahoo! Answers comes to mobile phones with include:

- Ask, Answer, and Discover questions as you would on the PC

- Vote and select a best answer

- Easily access your profile, points, and open questions to check on your activity

- Check out new open questions being asked every second

- Rack up more points when you’re out and about

As always, the best manner in which one would be able to learn how the new Yahoo! Answers optimized for mobile looks like is to access it from the handset.

However, if there are some who would like to learn some more on the matter before trying it out for themselves, they should take a look at the video below, which was put in place specifically for them.

Yahoo! Answers Goes Mobile @ Yahoo! Video

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