YIFY-Torrents Becomes YTS as Founder Retires

The website will be moved to another domain, but movie releases will stay the same

YIFY, the founder of the YIFY-Torrents movie piracy group, is retiring. While the torrent website will live on, it will be moved to a new domain and re-branded.

YIFI has been releasing movies since 2010, but the group got its own website, YIFI-Torrents.com, only in 2011. In a fairly short period of time, YIFI became one of the most popular movie release outfits.

Now that YIFY is stepping down, the site will be renamed YTS and moved to yts.re.

“After two and half years of running the YIFY-Torrents website, and almost four years of being involved in the torrent community, I have decided that the time has come for a new challenge. As much as I have loved being able to provide content for all of you, it is simply time for a change in my life,” YIFY said in a statement posted on the new site.

“From uploading movies off of a 10 year old laptop in my bedroom, to being featured by TorrentFreak, and overcoming an ISP level blockade in the UK; the memories and experiences I have gained from this journey are greater than I'd ever imagined, and I will treasure them for a long time to come,” he added.

A couple of YIFY’s staff members will take over operations. OTTO will be in charge of encoding and uploading, while Seraph will handle administrative matters.

“To make it clear, we are not shutting down. As much as I am stepping back, our community as a whole is stepping forward, and with OTTO and Seraph at the helm these changes will be purely cosmetic,” YIFY said.

The new administrators have promised that besides the name change and the new domain, everything will remain the same – movies will have the same size, same quality and they will be released at the same frequency as before.

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