Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Is Available for Download, Supports UEFI Secure Boot

The latest version of Xubuntu 12.04.2 can be downloaded from Softpedia

By on February 15th, 2013 08:52 GMT

Canonical has announced that Xubuntu 12.04.2 (Precise Pangolin) is available for download and it includes a sleuth of new features.

Following on the footsteps of its older brother, Ubuntu 12.04.2, the XFCE-based distribution also received an update, with just as many changes and improvements.

Furthermore, Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS (Precise Pangolin) ships with a newer 3.5.0-23.35 Ubuntu kernel from Quantal, and a matching X.org stack. The Linux kernel is based on the Extended Upstream Stable Kernel Release.

Highlights of Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS (Precise Pangolin):

• The i386 images use a non-PAE kernel. The non-PAE kernel will not be available in future Xubuntu releases;
• Some default shortcuts have been changed, added and deleted;
• Lots of appearance improvements, including new branding and wallpaper, fixes for Greybird, Ubiquity, Plymouth, LightDM, and Terminal themin;
• Syncs, updates and patches from Debian and upstream, including xfce4-power-manager, Ristretto and gmusicbrowser, have been implemented;
• xfdesktop4 was updated in order to bring single-click opening and thumbnail support for the desktop;
• xfce4-settings has been updated in order to include the new mouse and touchpad dialog;
• The Alacarte menu editor is now installed by default and will work with Xfce-related menu items as well;
• Hibernate (suspend to disk) has been disabled by default, as it was found to be unreliable, very slow and confusing to have two suspend modes;
• Backports are now more easily accessible – to enable users to more easily receive new versions of software, the Ubuntu Backports repository is now enabled by default.
• As of 12.04.2, it is possible to install on UEFI systems with Secure Boot enabled.

You can also upgrade from a previous release. The update manager GUI will offer you 11.10 Xubuntu (it shows as Ubuntu, but updates Xubuntu). Alternatively, you can also launch a Terminal and enter the following command

sudo do-release-upgrade

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes and improvements.

Download Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
right now from Softpedia.