Xirrus Launches DPI Solution to Block Threats on the Network Edge

Application Control enables organizations to efficiently manage wireless traffic

High-performance wireless networks provider Xirrus has launched a new product that’s designed to enable organizations to protect their networks against various threats. The solution – Xirrus Application Control – is unique because it’s powered by next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology.

Application Control allows companies to manage wireless traffic and ensure that any unwanted elements are blocked before they enter the core network.

The information provided by Application Control allows Xirrus’ Wireless Array to prioritize critical applications, block restricted software, restrict the usage of apps that take up a lot of bandwidth, and detect any threats that might try to enter the network. And the best part is that everything happens on the edge of the network.

The powerful DPI technology – in this case enabled by the Xirrus Array architecture that relies on 2 to 6 core processors – is of great aid for ensuring that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend doesn’t cause any problems for the company.

The fact that the technology is multi-layered allows organizations to control application activity at a deeper lever. For instance, Application Control is capable not just of identifying Facebook traffic, but also the precise application that’s running within the social media website.

The new product from Xirrus is recommended, among others, for higher education institutions, healthcare organizations and for large public venues.

“Managing Wireless network traffic with intelligent application-based policies has been a dream of network administrators for years. First-generation approaches identify applications at a high level but stop short of providing the granular visibility or control needed to finish the job,” said Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus.

“Application Control from Xirrus provides quantum-level improvements, enabling identification of end devices, users, and applications, plus ‘applications within applications’. Arming themselves with this kind of intelligence puts network administrators back in command.”

Xirrus Application Control will become available in December.

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